Tracey KirtleyYoga Teacher

    Tracey Kirtley

    Tracey’s believes that no matter how young or wise you are, Yoga is the sustenance to enable us to live our life to the fullest – body, mind and soul.  Yoga is our ticket to freedom and happiness.

    “Yoga is my healer and my helper – keeping my body strong, flexible and balanced.”

    Tracey formalised her commitment to Yoga by studying yoga at Yoga Science Association at Mangrove for 2 years before becoming a teacher through Living Peace in 2016.  She spent most of her career life working in a Logistic/Account Management role and understands the effects of poor posture and immobility on the body.  Tracey understands that no two bodies are alike; that we are all unique with our own story.  Through Yoga, we learn to observe our self, strengthen our mind and body and be fearless in achieving our goals in life.

    Tracey hopes that when people walk away from her class, they feel energised, challenged, a sense of freedom and contentment – plus laughter is definitely permitted.

    “I look forward to sharing my love of Yoga with you, and for the learnings you give to me – I am eternally grateful.”