Beyond Teacher Training 2017

Continuing Professional Development for Existing Yoga Teachers.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Yoga teachers who have completed any type of teacher training previously.
  • Yoga teachers wanting to grow as an individual and as a teacher.

Our Approach

This course provides 56 CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points for the whole course and 28 CPD for the 2nd term. Equally important, this course is dedicated to Continuing Yogic Development. Yes, you can add this course on your yoga teacher qualifications, but our priority is to help you BE YOGA. Our focus is on personal development. We’ll provide you with information, but our intention is for transformation. The aim of this gathering is to share yogic values and practices, along with the deep benefit of community/satsang with like-minded souls.

Course Overview

There are 4 modules as listed below:

Module 1: Philosophy & Self Development

  • Dive deep into Yoga Sutras
  • Bhagavad Gita exploration
  • Find your top 4 Samskaras (deep habitual patterns) and work towards attenuating their hold over you.

Module 2: Refine your Asana Practice

  • Review your alignment in asana (standing poses, seated poses, forward and back bending poses, twists and inversions)
  • Deepen your connection and reason for doing asana
  • What is the ‘spirit of the pose’ for you?
  • Learn Restorative yoga

Module 3: Refine your Teaching Skills

  • Review hands-on adjusting in a safe and practical way
  • Learn modifications to adapt asana for all body types and levels of fitness
  • Find new and more accurate ways to share the yogic path in a group setting
  • Review the Teacher / Student relationship
  • Time to ask questions about your teaching experience, such as how to handle difficult students and situations in a yoga setting.

 Module 4: Meditation & Pranayama

  • Explore a variety of meditation and pranayama techniques
  • Get to know your mind and how to control it
  • Delve into your subtle pranic body and learn how to direct prana for healing and vitality


As yoga teachers, it is important to have physical, mental and spiritual support from an experienced mentor. Mentoring can help us adjust, re-orient and inspire our teaching and our personal awakening. Having a strong bond and deep faith in yoga and your mentor will decrease suffering and increase grace. Therefore, mentoring is a vital and valuable part of the Beyond Teacher Training course, and for those who purchase all 4 modules, you will also be provided with 4 personal mentoring sessions with either Ginny or Greg (one session per month).

Dates and Times

This course will be delivered one Saturday per month for 8 months. Exact dates are:

March 18th, April 22nd, May 20th, June 17th, July 15th, Aug 12th, Sep 9th, Oct 14th.

The day begins at 11am and finishes at 6:00pm. Students of this course are welcome to join the 9am yoga class complementary.


All 4 modules = $1250. This includes 4 mentoring sessions with either Ginny or Greg.
Per term (e.g. 4 Saturdays) = $700 (mentoring not included).



Ginny Clarke has been teaching yoga since 2003. She has a passion for all facets of yoga and has completed 2 yoga teacher trainings herself and continues to study and learn with teachers she resonates with. Ginny leads regular workshops and retreats and has taught at festivals around Australia. Her depth of yogic wisdom is broad and her experience of yoga is ingrained in her daily life.  Her aim is to train yoga teachers to understand the vastness yoga, the life-changing ability of yoga, as well as guide teachers to be the best teacher and person possible in this life.

Greg Clarke has been studying the Yoga Sutras and yogic philosophy for over 10 years and this is his absolute passion. It is rare for him not to have his nose in some sort of yogic text, ruminating and unraveling the beauty of this tradition. Greg will be leading the yogic history, yoga philosophy and meditation aspects of this course.

To book in or for more inquires….

Please contact Greg or Ginny Clarke on 0410 553 610 or